Boston Litigation Services

Litigation attorneys are also known as trial lawyers or litigators, and their role is to represent plaintiffs as well as defendants in civil cases. They also manage every step of the litigation process from beginning to end, which involves a wide array of tasks depending on the type of dispute taking place. An experienced Massachusetts litigation attorney will give the plaintiff or defendant a better chance of assuring their needs are met in what can be a complex legal process.

Chang & Yoo LLP applies years of knowledge of the Massachusetts justice system to each case that comes our way, and we pride ourselves on our aggressive and talented litigators. Our Massachusetts litigation attorneys are highly skilled in Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Administrative Hearings, Commercial or Partnership Dispute, Contract Dispute, and Collections.

We know the system inside and out, and are confident in our abilities to achieve our clients' goals, whatever they may be. Our firm is proud of the legal acumen of our attorneys, and we are known for our cost-effective litigation.

We match you up with one of our highly skilled Massachusetts litigation attorneys, who will discuss the nature of the case. We will then gather relevant background information and any pertinent records, and evaluate whether there is enough evidence to proceed. If you have a viable case, your attorney will take care to keep you informed every step of the way so that you fully understand your options in each phase of the legal process, whether it be discovery, pre-trial, trial, or appeal. Their duties then may include finding witnesses, gathering documents, or writing statements. The second phase is where our Boston trial lawyers draft pleadings on behalf of their clients. Plaintiff attorneys draft a summons and complaint to begin the lawsuit, while defense attorneys will investigate allegations against their clients and prepare responses. Our Boston litigation attorneys also draft motions to strike, dismiss, amend, or change location, as well as motions for judgment.

If you are in need of a Boston litigation lawyer, Chang & Yoo LLP is here to help. Please contact one of our experienced litigation attorneys for a consultation.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal disagreement between two parties seeking monetary or performance damages. Our trial lawyers are powerful, aggressive litigators bent on getting you justice on your terms.

Business Litigation

Our business litigators are available to help you with any litigation your business may require, such as partnership agreements, asset acquisition, and contracted employment. We welcome challenges and look forward to assisting you in all types of business-related legal services.

Administrative Hearings

The administrative hearing is an experience similar to being in court. Our legal team has had years of experience representing clients in administrative hearings, and will assist you from the prehearing conference to the hearing.

Commercial Dispute

Commercial disputes may involve a breach of contract, denial of insurance coverage, or failure to pay a contract. We offer knowledgeable, experienced counsel, and an attorney who will work non-stop to assist you in the commercial dispute process to reach a timely resolution.

Partnership Dispute

Partnership disputes are one of the most complex legal matters you can encounter in business law. Chang & Yoo LLP's legal team has years of experience resolving disagreements between business partners, managing partnership terms as delineated by contract, and mitigating business risk in relation to such disputes.

Contract Dispute

It can be difficult to handle contract disputes. We help with all manner of contract disputes with litigation, arbitration, and mediation, so that you have the support you need to resolve any contract dispute that comes your way.


Chang & Yoo LLP also offers assistance in collections. Our lawyers are seasoned advocates who will streamline the collections process, so that you can focus on your core capabilities knowing that you will receive your earnings.