EB-5 Immigration Services

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a US visa that allows foreign investors, their spouses, and their unmarried children under 21 years of age to apply for permanent residency (“green card”) in the United States. The EB-5 visa provides an opportunity for foreign citizens and their families to live and work in America indefinitely, without needing to rely on sponsorship from a US-based employer or family member.

If you are an investor who is interested in making a life for yourself or your family in the United States, Chang & Yoo LLP can help you in your time of momentous change. EB-5 visa applications are complex processes that can take 3-5 years to complete, with many of different components to keep track of. It is the job of an immigration lawyer to help shepherd you through the application process, advising you on how to fulfill US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements, preparing documentation to submit to USCIS, and strategizing to find the best legal solutions for you.

In order to qualify for an EB-5 visa, you must make a capital investment in a new business project in the US. For projects in low employment areas, an investment of $500,000 is currently required, while projects in areas with higher employment rates bear a required investment of $1,000,000. Once USCIS approves your investment (a 12-18 month approval process), you may apply to become a conditional resident in the US (6-12 month processing time). You are then required to physically reside in the US for two years before you can apply for an unconditional green card, which is typically processed in 6-8 months. Five years after becoming conditional residents, you and your family will become eligible for US citizenship.

The EB-5 visa program is particularly popular among East Asian investors; in 2015, 84% of all EB-5 visas issued by the US government were allocated to citizens of the People’s Republic of China, while nationals of Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea rounded out the rest of the top four jurisdictions with the most recipients of EB-5 visas. Chang & Yoo LLP has years of experience working extensively with clients from the Asia-Pacific region, and is exceedingly well positioned to help make a move across the Pacific as smooth as possible.

Chang & Yoo LLP is here to help guide you through the EB-5 application process, and we are dedicated to providing you with attentive, high-quality legal advice so that you and your family can take advantage of a new life and new opportunities in America.

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